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In the current study "Trusted Brand 2022", current brand trust was examined and the most trustworthy brands in Germany were determined.
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In turbulent times, brands play an important role in purchasing, even if the consequences of the Corona pandemic are still dampening the desire to buy. Currently, two-thirds of respondents still agreed with the statement: “I have less desire to go shopping than before the pandemic”. Of seven criteria that make up brand trust from the respondents’ point of view, product and service quality ranked at the top.

Reader’s Digest has been surveying the brand trust of consumers in Germany annually since 2001. In the current study “Trusted Brand 2022” (in German), which was conducted in cooperation with the Aachen-based Dialego Institute, current brand trust was examined and the most trustworthy brands in Germany were determined. For this purpose, 4,000 people were asked on a representative basis which brands they trust so much that they would recommend them to their friends and family. What is special about the study and the barometer of consumer trust: The question about the most trustworthy brands is asked openly, without any brand specifications. The consumer alone reveals which trustworthy brand is at the top of his or her list. A ranking should be formed from the following performance dimensions: Quality (products and services), reputation/prestige, environmental protection, value for money, meeting needs, service/customer centricity, innovativeness/progressiveness.

Compared to the previous year, more respondents overall were willing to name one brand in each of the different categories. In total, 3,578 personally most trusted brands were named (previous year: 3,265). The following brands are at the top of their product categories: Abtei, Allianz, Aspirin, Bosch, C&A, Dr. Oetker, Edeka, Frosch, Gerolsteiner, Haribo, Nivea, Persil, Rotkäppchen, Rügenwalder Mühle, Samsung, Sparkasse, Teekanne, Volkswagen, Weight Watchers and Wick. These brands had already convinced consumers as frontrunners in previous years. But there were also shifts: For example, Samsung remains the “Most Trusted Brand” in the mobile phone/smartphone category in 2022, but behind it Xiaomi has overtaken the Telekom and Nokia brands and moved up from sixth to fourth place behind Samsung, Apple and Huawei. “We are currently experiencing a crisis-laden period like never before. In light of this, the keyword ‘trust’ takes on a whole new meaning. Many companies are trying to find the right balance between what concerns image building and attitude and what directly helps people,” says Andreas Schröder, Managing Director of Reader’s Digest Germany. “What is true now more than ever: many long for security, more normality and more ease again. Here, companies and brands can even form anchors of trust and show perspectives. This finding is fully confirmed in our Trusted Brand Study.”

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