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Neues Sitzmuster der BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe), 05.07.2022; Foto: BVG / Oliver Lang

After the previous pattern of seat covers in the underground trains, buses and trams of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), officially called “Urban Jungle” and designed by Herbert Lindinger, can no longer be used (ndion of 25 May 2021), the agency Jung von Matt has now not only designed new seat covers, but at the same time linked them with a message: “A pattern of your diversity. A sign of our love. BVG’s new seat design – just as diverse as you are!”, says BVG. And further: “We move the whole of Berlin – regardless of age, gender, origin, body shape, physical mobility, religion, sexual orientation or cultural background. And that’s why we are now showing this diversity where no one can miss it: on our new seating pattern!” The new pattern, appropriately named Diversity, consists of more than 80 different and differently coloured silhouettes that are meant to represent all the Berliners who travel with BVG every day. It is, they say, “the first seating pattern with a clear message: everyone is welcome here!

It will be a while yet before the pattern finds its way into all BVG means of transport: In July, two BVG double-decker buses will initially run with the new seat pattern. From late summer onwards, “diversity” will then gradually be seen on the seats of buses and trams; and from mid/late 2023, new vehicles will be delivered with the new pattern. Part of the campaign for the introduction of the seat pattern is also the spot “Pattern of Diversity”, which shows a dancing conductor swinging his hips to the 1990s hit “Rhythm is a Dancer” and not only controlling the passengers, but also transforming them into colourful silhouettes as he dances along.

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