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Excerpt from the current catalog showing the product’s footprint in kg CO2 and the total energy used in the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product. © Vestre

Vestre, a Norwegian manufacturer of urban furniture, has adopted the triple bottom line concept, which takes a company’s social and environmental achievements into account along with its financial performance. This also underscores the company’s slogan: “Everyone can save the world. A little.” And according to Vestre, it has now become “the first furniture manufacturer in the world” to decide to disclose the carbon footprint of its products. Vestre started using environmental product declarations (EPDs) at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020, where it had display boards informing visitors about each product’s carbon emissions throughout its life cycle. EPDs are Type III environmental declarations as per ISO 14025. They are very similar to the nutritional information provided on food packaging. Although they cannot claim to have health benefits, they offer key information at a glance. Following on from the positive response in Stockholm, Vestre calculated the carbon footprint of its products over the past year and now includes EPD data and figures in its 2021 product catalogue. “We’re doing this,” explains Jan Christian Vestre, “because we really want to be open and transparent and help consumers and professionals to make the best decisions for people and the planet.”

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