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In the wake of the war in Ukraine, countless people have fled to Germany from the embattled country. To provide them with information about the war in their home country and life here, RTL, ARD and WDR are now launching services in Ukrainian. On RTL.news, ntv.de and YouTube, a news format in Ukrainian has been launched called “Ukraine Update”, which will provide information about the war in Ukraine and the everyday life of refugees in Germany for ten minutes every day from Monday to Friday. The programme is hosted by 46-year-old Karolina Ashion, who herself comes from Kiev and worked for more than 20 years at various broadcasters in Ukraine. “I feel,” says Ashion, “that this project is a privilege. I want to make a contribution so that people who are seeking protection here in Germany can find out what is happening in our homeland.” With the Ukraine Update, explains Stephan Schmitter, Managing Director RTL News, “we want to give refugees a secure news overview. We will also strengthen our team with more colleagues from Ukraine, to whom we can hopefully give a bit of normality and security here with us.”

WDR also offers several programmes in Ukrainian in its programmes. With a Ukrainian language course broadcast every Wednesday from 19:05 to 20:00 on WDR 5, WDR’s children’s radio wants to get young people interested in the language and make it easier to get in touch with Ukrainians. On WDR.de, Westdeutscher Rundfunk provides answers to relevant questions, such as how to find accommodation, medical care and Corona rules, under the heading “Ukrainians in NRW”. The radio programme Cosmo provides a daily podcast in Ukrainian; and at wdrmaus.de there is plenty of information for children in Ukrainian. In addition, ARD has set up a special Ukrainian section for children’s programmes in its media library. Shaun the Sheep”, “The Little Mole”, “Molang”, “Unser Sandmännchen” and “Deutsch lernen mit Socke”, among others, can be seen there.

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