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ndion-Podcast Episode 8 with Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau

Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau are two rising stars on the German interior-design scene. Their decoration of the Elbphilharmonie’s interior as an ‘inverted White Cube’ cemented their position in the top league of German design. Episode 8 of the ndion podcast.

The designer duo, who have jointly run STUDIO BESAU MARGUERRE in Hamburg since 2011, have developed their own personal signature that is expressed through an interplay of materiality, form and colour. The two industrial designers create an overall concept at the beginning of each of their projects. At the Elbphilharmonie, this concept was the inversion of the white cube. The furnishings are presented in subtle white tones since the focus of the building is on architecture and music, though they also reveal their own depth and warmth through their materiality. In other projects, the pair work with loud colour tones. They always ask themselves what experience should be had in the relevant space and, based on it, generate an idea that tells a story.

Marguerre and Besau, who privately are also a couple, talk about living and working under the same roof, about design as a profession and a calling and about never fighting during this interview with Jörg Thadeusz.

Please note: this podcast is in German.

In the ndion design podcast, the German Design Council invites interesting people from various industries and talks to with them about design, brand and innovation. They will be asked about the current challenges in transformation, megatrends and micro-tools, lessons learned and the most important dos and don’ts.

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