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What makes an original an original? Eight manufacturers launch a campaign about design originals

The thing about terms like ‘design originals’, ‘design classics’ or ‘design icons’ is that they are too readily used, and therefore fail to attract the attention of the market and of design-oriented consumers. And far too often it turns out that the products offered are not original designs but are simply produced under licence, with the designer retaining the copyright. In order to be able to call a piece an original, the designer has to give the manufacturer the production rights. The appreciation that a manufacturer shows for a design also plays an important role. Companies that care about design invest a lot of time, money and effort in working with designers to develop convincing products that have the potential to become a true original classic. Eight manufacturers have now decided to launch a campaign to raise public awareness of design originals. Under the catchphrase What makes an original an original? Gira, Artemide, COR, Thonet, USM, Hewi, Dornbracht and Walter Knoll will address the issue at trade fairs, in showrooms, through lectures and in marketing campaigns.

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