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Hella Jongerius, Portrait, 2020, courtesy: Maharam, Photo: Nick Ballón

Hella Jongerius’s artistic practice revolves around linking handicraft with industry and traditional knowledge with technology. The Gropius Bau in Berlin is now dedicating a solo exhibition to the artist and designer from 29 April to 15 August. It will keep developing over time as part of an ongoing process. Weaving will have a special role, being one of the oldest technologies in culture and simultaneously a basis for digital code. The show, named “Woven Cosmos”,uses interactive elements to engage viewers in Jongerius’s process-like working methods. In doing so, it creates a framework for exploring questions about production, sustainability, the present and the future in a critical way.

In addition to research into innovation and experimental forward-looking practices, the show will also have a focus on her exploration of what relationship we have to objects, and how they can gain a healing function. The exhibition is curated by Stephanie Rosenthal and Clara Meister in conjunction with Studio Hella Jongerius. It is loosely connected to the history of the Martin-Gropius-Bau, the construction of which can be traced back to an initiative by the Deutsches Gewerbemuseum (trades museum) association founded in 1867. The building, conceived as a museum of decorative arts, was for a period complemented by a school for applied arts where young people could learn carving or woodwork.

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