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Zanotta entrusts Calvi Brambilla with the art direction of the brand
© Zanotta

Zanotta is one of Italy’s traditional design companies. With the “Quaderna” series by Superstudio, tables and armchairs by Carlo Mollina, sofas such as the “Onda” and designs by Achille Castiglioni, Alesandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass, Gae Aulenti, Louise Campbell and many other renowned designers, Zanotta has repeatedly written design history. According to its own statements, the company is now entrusting the artistic direction of the brand to the architect Calvi Brambilla. The task is “to manage and supervise aspects that contribute to expressing the personality and global image of Zanotta – from the product to communication”. The aim is to convey a vision of the future of contemporary living “through a strong identity that is in line with the company’s history”. There is already a long-standing partnership between Zanotta and the two designers Fabio Calvi and Paolo Brambilla. The two have designed the brand’s appearances at trade fairs and institutional events over the years.

Calvi and Brambilla said, “We are proud to start this collaboration with Zanotta in the role of art director and are very excited to open the new chapter of a long history. Starting from the reinterpretation of an important heritage, marked by the collaboration with the greatest designers, we want to create a collection that highlights the freshness of the designs and the quality of the details and materials that have always distinguished the brand’s catalogue.” Giuliano Mosconi, President of Zanotta, added: “I am very pleased with this relationship, which has developed over the years of collaboration in presenting the company to the market and in the recent Lab project in Nova Milanese. Their knowledge of the company and creative experience will help in the development of a more global dimension to the brand.”

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