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Bauhaus anniversary in Berlin

Following the events held in Weimar and Dessau to honour the anniversary of Bauhaus,  the third major Bauhaus institution, the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin, has announced an exhibition of its own to celebrate the legendary design school. Entitled original bauhaus, the exhibition sheds light on the relationship between one-offs and serial works, and between remakes and originals, throughout the history of Bauhaus. The show also features 14 case stories based on 14 key objects. How did the woman sitting in the tubular steel chair become the most recognisable anonymous figure in the history of Bauhaus? Does the Haus am Horn in Weimar have a secret twin? Why has Marianne Brandt’s tea infuser remained a one-off? Due to construction work at the Bauhaus Archive, the exhibition will be held in the Berlinische Galerie Museum of Modern Art from 6 September 2019 until 27 January 2020.

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