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Hot off the press from our design library: three new publications that look at sustainability in very different ways. Each offers inspiring insights and practical recommendations for a more sustainable future in design.

By Helge Aszmoneit

Photo: Christof Jakob

International Expertise on Circularity in Design

For Design for a Sustainable Circular Economy, international experts, mainly from the academic world, have written articles on the challenges and demands of the circular economy for society and design, and the implications for practice. The findings are largely based on research projects, some with practical relevance, and are supported by clear graphics and a very good scientific apparatus with numerous references.

Design for a Sustainable Circular Economy. Research and Practice Consequences

Gavin Brett Melles / Christian Wölfel (Hrsg.)
Singapore, Springer, 2024, 232 pages
(available as hardcover or ebook)

Design from Denmark: A Guide to Global Sustainability

Based on Denmark’s unique design tradition, Danish Design Heritage and Global Sustainability offers a unique approach to achieving global sustainability through design. Based on the 4 R’s of the Circular Way (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace), basic requirements and recommendations for action are conveyed, supported by current and historical practical examples and interviews from the Danish design scene.

Danish Design Heritage and Global Sustainablitiy

Ditte Lysgaard Vind
London, Routledge, 2024,
225 pages, Visuals
(available as hardcover, paperback
or ebook)

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A Journey Through The History of Environmental Responsibility in Design

From the 19th century to the present day, Histories of Ecological Design traces the different perspectives and theories of ecological responsibility in design and architecture. Parallels and contradictions in definitions and concepts are highlighted, illustrating the diversity of perspectives on nature and the environment in the design world. The book shows that it is worth looking at history in order to shape the future. And it is an exceptionally beautifully designed book.

Histories of Ecological Design. An Unfinished Cyclopedia

Lydia Kallipolitti
New York, Actar, 279 pages,

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