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Not only since the Federal Government called for electricity savings with the new Energy Ordinance from 01 September 2022, and thus lighting in retail stores is to be reduced and neon signs and building lighting are even to be switched off at night in future, has the lighting industry been in the process of making its luminaires and electronic products more efficient and processes more sustainable. At this year’s Light & Building Autumn Edition, which will take place from 2 to 6 October in Frankfurt am Main, exhibitors and organisers will show what intelligent lighting systems can look like. The focus will be on efficient planning and optimum energy use with increased comfort in buildings. In the “Electrification & Digitalisation” section, the focus is also on using AI to regulate lighting and building technology according to demand, thus reducing energy consumption. In addition, design continues to play a decisive role in lighting design: “Human Centric Lighting” (HCL) deserves special attention here – intelligently designed lighting systems and objects that increase well-being, promote health and possibly also contribute to increased performance.

The balancing act of the lighting industries between functional lighting systems and sculptural illuminated objects is also evident among this year’s winners of the Design Plus Awards. The jury this year included lighting designer Ulrike Brandis, practising designer and professor of industrial design at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg/Sweden, Ulrike Rahe, Jürgen Gaiser, Managing Director at Blocher Partners, and Lutz Dietzold, Managing Director of the German Design Council. They honour the entire spectrum of (lighting) technology and award prizes for particularly flexible solutions as well as outstanding design. Lutz Dietzold knows that design remains relevant even in times of energy saving: “Last but not least, good design creates an understanding and then also an acceptance for new solutions among customers and users in the first place”.

On 02 October 2022, the Design Plus Awards ceremony will take place as part of the Light & Building Autumn Edition. This year, the jury will present 34 awards, five of which will be honoured with the “Best of” award. According to the credo: “Minimal design, maximum functionality and flexibility”. The objects impress with outstanding design quality, good operability, energy efficiency and a high degree of flexibility.

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