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The MAK in Vienna is dedicated to the phenomenon of folds
Chinese ladies’ skirt, 19th century Silk, metal thread, cotton © MAK/Aslan Kudrnofsky

With the exhibition “Folds”, the MAK Collection Asia wants to decipher the complexity of the phenomenon, according to the announcement, “with regard to technical, design, physical, symbolic and cultural dimensions”. The transmedially conceived show runs from 1 February to 21 May and illuminates folds “from multiple perspectives from the point of view of the history of design, culture and ideas as well as cultural anthropology”. The show is based on a comprehensive concept of the fold, which is why folds are not only presented in the form of fabric designs and as a design method. In order to show their many facets as a cultural technique and their philosophical-symbolic dimensions, folds will also be discussed as cultural practices and as a topos of aesthetic distinction. A wide range of objects will be on display: from textiles and works on paper to furniture and paintings.

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