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Californian start-up Arevo previously specialised in the 3D printing of small parts for mass production. Then, at the Eurobike 2019 cycling show in Friedrichshafen, Arevo presented the first 3D-printed carbon-fibre bicycle frame with corresponding rims for e-bikes. The company now wishes to put its own e-bike on the market under the Superstrata brand. It is to be made of carbon fibre and entirely by 3D printing. The Superstrata Ion possesses a 250-watt engine and a battery capacity of 252 watt-hours. The bicycle should therefore be able to travel up to 90 kilometres on a single charge. Thanks to the way the frame is manufactured – completely free of individual parts, screws and bonding – the e-bike is extremely light at eleven kilograms. Furthermore, it is also intended to be significantly more stable than conventionally manufactured bicycles. The manufacturer states that customers will also be able to have their e-bike tailor-made for them: the frame can be adjusted to the rider’s weight, height, and arm and leg lengths. Neither are the saddle position and rigidity set in stone. The plans call for the e-bike being able to be manufactured within ten hours. Superstrata is relying on an Indiegogo campaign in order to start the production of the ion e-bike, which currently exists only as a prototype. Customers pre-ordering an e-bike from the website will receive a 55% discount. Orders are planned to be delivered in December 2020.

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