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The latest processes, materials and methods create pioneering applications in additive manufacturing – opportunities for the economy, industry and sustainability, for responsible production.

However, implementation in the established manufacturing industry requires a “Collaborative Mindset” – the mutual, open attitude of working cooperatively and courageously towards common goals. Where are there realistic applications in the industry and what best practices are already underway?

This way of thinking becomes clear with the convergence of advanced technologies. When robotics, intelligent materials, cloud technologies or blockchain interact with additive processes, this in turn leads to disruptive concepts and sharpens the focus for strategic changes and paves the way for meaningful further developments.

A look at the impressively lively developments in artificial intelligence, such as automated image generation, provides a glimpse of what is possible when AI creates three-dimensional products that are then transferred from the digital to the real world using additive processes.

The 3D Pioneers Challenge seeks out and supports the pioneers who are pursuing these ground-breaking approaches: The creative innovations with long-term appeal, as well as operational projects that

for the international competition for additive manufacturing and advanced technologies. Let’s push boundaries together!
Deadline for entries: 11 March 2024

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