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Controlling digital devices using only the power of thought is something that sounds very science fiction. Nonetheless, the first steps in this direction are already being taken. Pison Technology, a start-up, is using neuromuscular sensors to help people interact with digital interfaces. The company’s sensor rests on the wrist like a watch and tracks minuscule muscle and tendon movements and electric signals from the brain. Special software processes the signals and controls the device they are sent to. The aim of this is for users to be able to interact with apps on smartphones or communicate with robots and machines, for example. “The implications of connecting the human body with digital systems and artificial intelligence are unimaginable,” said Dexter Ang, Pison’s CEO. Ang began the development after having to watch his mother’s health decline from motor neurone disease (MND). He concentrated on creating something that could work for MND patients even in the final stages of the illness. Unlike other influential entities in this field, such as Elon Musk’s Neuralink start-up, Ang could imagine Pison developing solutions specially for workers in industry and construction, for search and rescue teams and for enhancing and implementing augmented reality.

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