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Helge Aszmoneit – The Design Librarian © Deutscher Designer Club e.V.

In the podcast series DDCast (link is in German) of the German Designer Club (DDC), not only designers have their say in detail, but also people who develop a relevant perspective on design from related fields or occupy a key role in the design world. This undoubtedly includes Helge Aszmoneit, who in episode 112 of this podcast talks to design strategist and university lecturer Georg-Christof Bertsch about, among other things, what libraries contribute to democracy, how to find information about design and how the library of the German Design Council became one of the central research points on design in Germany.

Helge Aszmoneit studied librarianship. Under her management, the library of the German Design Council has grown from 4,000 to around 20,000 volumes since 1987. At the institution’s location in Frankfurt, she is responsible for all librarianship tasks such as stock development, formal and content indexing and the communication of this content to all those interested in design. The knowledge of design and its sources that she has built up over the decades, as well as her own network, flow into the provision of information in consultations and extensive research for internal and external enquiries. She was and is a lecturer for seminars, lectures and teaching assignments at design universities on the topics of “design history” and “research in design”. At the German Design Council, she also supervised other projects for many years, for example the conception and implementation of design competitions, especially for young designers. In a private research project, she is currently investigating the genesis and development history of international design awards.

Please note that the podcast is in German.

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