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Pen and stationery manufacturer edding has opened its first tattoo studio in Hamburg’s city centre under the brand name edding TATTOO, backed with comprehensive safety and hygiene protocols. The premises in the Chilehaus building were gutted and furnished with a bright, clean and sterile ambience comprising much glass and a lot of white. Each one of the tattoos done by the studio uses only tattoo inks from edding, which are developed and made in Germany. Per Ledermann, CEO of edding AG, said with emphasis, “For six years we studied intensively in dialogue with tattooists, medical professionals, chemists and hygiene experts. The end result for us was fascination and respect for this unique craft. That is why I am particularly pleased that edding, for its 60th anniversary, is taking a step into a fascinating world with a tattoo studio in the wonderful Chilehaus building and emphasising the utmost consumer safety with its own tattoo ink and hygiene protocols.” edding says that its new vegan tattoo inks were tested for almost three years and have no ingredients of concern in them. This also underscores the company’s slogan: “Getting under your skin. Safely.”

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