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Formgivning – the Danish word for “design” – means to give form to that which as yet has none. In other words: to give form to the future. The title of the large-scale exhibition, which provides a glimpse into the “heart and mind” of Ingels and his architecture, plays with the Danish word: Formgiving: An Architectural Future History from Big Bang to Singularity. The show, which is curated by BIG and the Danish Architecture Center (DAC), is on display at the DAC in Copenhagen until 5 January 2020 and is divided into three sections: the Big Bang, the present and the future. The exhibition’s timeline extends from the Big Bang, roughly 14 billion years ago, to a possible future on Mars. Surrounded by 25 replica BIG projects built out of Lego bricks, visitors are encouraged to dig into a giant pool of the colourful bricks to construct dream worlds of their own. The “Present” section of the exhibition features a miniature city with new projects from around the world. Finally, visitors are presented with a vision of the future and a glimpse of new construction technologies, including 3D printing, artificial intelligence and robotics, which may one day help humans live on Mars.

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