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Automotive manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, and NVIDIA, a leading provider of GPU-accelerated computing, are cooperating in the development of an internal vehicle computer system and AI computing infrastructure. The new technology is planned to be rolled out across all Mercedes-Benz vehicle series starting in 2024 so that “next-generation vehicles are fitted with upgradable, automated driving functions”. The stated objective of the planned partnership is “to develop one of the most intelligent and advanced computing architectures in the automotive sector for all Mercedes-Benz vehicle series”. The new software-defined architecture is based on NVIDIA DRIVETM and will be standard in all future Mercedes-Benz vehicles, enabling state-of-the-art, automated driving functions. The plans also see there being numerous additional safety and convenience applications. The idea behind them is for customers “to be able to purchase and add software applications and subscription services through over-the-air software updates throughout the car’s life cycle”. Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, said, among other things, “NVIDIA’s AI computing architecture will help us streamline our journey towards autonomous driving. New functions and upgrades will be available for download from the cloud. This is how we aim to keep safety systems continuously up to date, constantly increasing vehicle value.”

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