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Ora-ïto designs new Aix-Marseille-Provence metro

French designer Ora-ïto, whose work has achieved considerable recognition in previous years, is going to partner with train manufacturer Alstom to design a new metro for the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis. It is planned to come into operation in 2024. Alstom and the designer previously collaborated a few years ago for the construction of new trams for Nice. With their soft rectangular shape, the new trains prove Ora-ïto’s concept of “simplexity” and embody his techno-futurist ideas perfectly. The underlying notion is that the trains do not need to imitate any aerodynamic shape. “The challenge”, the designer says, “is not the speed, but rather peaceful movement, safety and energy conservation.” The trains’ quadrangular profile will offer an exceptional amount of space for passengers. Alstom’s solutions for the trains with rubber tyres will increase comfort, availability, accessibility and passenger information, while making maintenance easier. The four-coach trains, which will be able to carry up to 500 passengers fully automatically, will be 65 metres long and have fully walk-through carriages.

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