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Programming industrial robots by showing them what they need to do

Flexibility and speed are becoming increasingly important in production. This goes for the people who work there, as well as for the machines. In future, robots will need to be able to switch from one application to the next easily and cost-effectively. The ease with which existing robot systems can be programmed will consequently be key for modern production. The TracePen offers a smart solution for this, enabling the user to quickly teach a robot by simply showing it the path to be learnt by moving the pen. This movement is visualised almost simultaneously in the app by the Wandelbots software and can be further refined by defining individual points (keyframes). In combination with the specially developed app, the user moves from set-up to executable code in just five simple steps. It is even possible to define a safety zone in which the robot is permitted to work. According to Wandelbots, the TracePen means that even a layperson can teach a robot a task within minutes – without any programming knowledge.

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