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Forever Floatride Grow Box – Siena Farms

The sporting goods manufacturer Reebok is putting a running shoe on the market which, according to the company, is made entirely from plant-based materials. The running shoe should set new benchmarks in terms of sustainability. Available from October and certified by the US Department of Agriculture, the Forever Floatride Grow (a further developed version of the Forever Floatride Energy 2) has a sole made from natural rubber instead of mineral-oil-based rubber and a cushioning midsole made from sustainably grown castor beans. The breathable upper material comes from eucalyptus trees and the insole is made of odour-inhibiting algae foam.

According to Emily Mullins, Product Director at Reebok, “The shoe is made for runners for whom performance is important and who want to feel good about the products they use every day. The shoe is the result of a long journey to develop a plant-based running shoe that looks like other premium running shoes and can withstand a marathon.” “Our consumers wanted more sustainable products from us, and this issue was particularly close to the hearts of those in the running community”, says Matt O’Toole. In the eyes of the Reebok Brand President, the new Forever Floatride Grow is “the most sustainable performance running shoe on the market”.

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