Speechless communication. An exhibition in Dallas

Communication is certainly one of the most commonly used terms of our time. Coping with the challenges of everyday life without constant communication seems almost impossible in this day and age. In the 1960s, Paul Watzlawik remarked: “One cannot not communicate, because every form of communication (not only with words) is behaviour, and just as one cannot not behave, one cannot not communicate”. Today, new technologies and devices have revolutionised communication – both between people and between people and machines – and have redefined the meaning of communication and how it is used. The exhibition speechless: different by design, on display at the Dallas Museum of Art until 8 March 2020, focuses on how creative processes and solutions are changing communication and opening up new areas beyond verbal communication. And at the same time it also explores the origins of human communication and its design. A few weeks ago we wrote about “Gestures”, an exhibition hosted by the Museum for Communication in Frankfurt am Main which is also dedicated to the topic of non-verbal communication.

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