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Virtual encounters in hybrid spaces. The Venn Room.

Video conferences are increasingly seen as a given, both in private as well as professional communication. This dialogue in picture and sound also has a secondary effect. We offer a closer look into our private spaces, sometimes after careful consideration and other times less careful. If VR applications are used as communication tools more fervently in the future, as Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg from Space Popular believe, the spaces in which we interact will change, too. On what sofa and in whose house are we sitting when we meet in a virtual space? Am I sitting on my patio while my friends listen to music in the living room? In the film The Venn Room, the interdisciplinary design studio describes a concept for how personal rooms and objects can connect, rearrange or be swapped with those of other people using virtual reality. The film, which was part of the Tallinn Architecture Biennale in autumn 2019, begins with the telephone, which transmits not only the voices of the caller and receiver but also the ambient sounds, before progressing to the television and computer and the possibilities for what future interactions in virtual spaces could look like.

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