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BASF and BMW rely on renewable raw materials for automotive coatings
The electrocoating at the BMW plant in Leipzig is made from biomass and helps to save CO2 emissions. Photo: BMW Group

BASF’s Coatings division develops, produces and markets not only coatings for buildings and various surface technologies, but above all innovative automotive and automotive refinish coatings. In 2021, the division achieved global sales of around 3.44 billion euros. The BMW Group is the first car manufacturer to rely on more sustainable automotive coatings certified according to BASF’s so-called “biomass balance process”. The BMW plants in Leipzig and Rosslyn, South Africa, use the cathodic dip coating (CDP) CathoGuard® 800 ReSource produced by BASF Coatings, as well as the clearcoat iGloss® matt ReSource throughout Europe. According to the company, the use of these more sustainable product variants for vehicle painting will avoid around 40% CO2 per paint layer, leading to a reduction of more than 15,000 tonnes of CO2 at the plants by 2030. The BMW Group produces an average of around 250,000 vehicles per year at its plants in Leipzig and Rosslyn.

In the course of BASF’s biomass balance process, renewable raw materials such as bio-naphtha or biomethane from organic waste are already used in the production of basic chemical products. The proportion of biobased raw materials is then mathematically assigned to specific products. In the process, independent certification confirms that BASF has replaced the quantities of fossil resources required for the biomass-balanced product sold with renewable raw materials.

“As the largest supplier of chemical products to the automotive industry, we are aware of our responsibility to support our customers with innovative and eco-efficient solutions. The biomass balance process allows us to make our surface solutions even more sustainable while maintaining the same quality. We are pleased that the BMW Group is a pioneer in the automotive industry and that our products are an important building block in achieving their ambitious sustainability goals,” says Dr. Markus Kamieth, member of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE.

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