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Charlotte Perriand (1903–1999) is without a doubt one of the most important figures in modern design. In the mid-1920s she studied interior architecture in Paris, then worked for a decade in the workshop of Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. She played a crucial role in most of the designs, particularly with regard to the then innovative tubular steel furniture. Although many of her designs were costly, one-off pieces, from the 1930s onwards she became a political and social activist, working together with Jean Prouvé on projects such as prefabricated aluminium houses. The Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris is presenting the exhibition Le Monde Nouveau de Charlotte Perriand (englisch: Charlotte Perriand: Inventing a New World), which focuses on the Perriand’s resounding influence on contemporary design. In conjunction with this, the television channel Arte will be screening the documentary “Das andere Bauhaus – Die Designerin Charlotte Perriand” (The Other Bauhaus – The Designer Charlotte Perriand), as well as short films about individual designs by Perriand under the rubric “Design-Signatur Perriand” (Design Signature Perriand).

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