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Leading Digital Telco: Deutsche Telekom presents unified cross-border brand architecture.
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Everyone is probably familiar with Deutsche Telekom’s logo, the large, magenta-coloured T. Now the group is consistently adapting its brand identity to its “Leading Digital Telco” strategy and putting the brand on course for the future. As part of a uniform cross-national positioning of the brand, the appearance, according to a company press release, “now focuses in particular on participation in digital life, sustainable action and social cohesion”. The company is thus creating a uniform brand experience worldwide. To underline this, Telekom is introducing a new, compact corporate logo and placing the T more at the centre of its communication. The corporate colour magenta remains a distinguishing feature, with the colour brand to structure the product portfolio across countries in the future. “Our global brand approach is a key pillar of our international digital and sustainable corporate strategy,” explains Ulrich Klenke, Deutsche Telekom’s Head of Brand. “One purpose, one brand architecture, one logo, one claim and one brand design – with our global brand strategy we want to make the development into the Leading Digital Telco tangible for everyone.”

In future, Telekom will not only use the new Group logo in all national companies that appear under the T brand. In the form “Digit-T-Digit”, the logo will also form the basis of the brand architecture. The graphic form of the T is also being carefully adapted, for which the curves have been optimised and the roof, trunk and foot have been strengthened. The fine-tuning of the compact and symmetrical sign should result in a more powerful appearance overall and lead to “a simplified application and improved perception across all digital and physical contact points”. The logo stands for the themes of the new positioning and is to become a symbol for digital optimism: “Deutsche Telekom’s brand purpose is: We’re not satisfied until everyone is.”

In interaction with the Liquid Brand Design, which Deutsche Telekom has already introduced in 2020, the realignment strengthens the appearance as a global brand, he added. “Our brand image,” says Klenke, “is now more uniform, clearer, comprehensible across national borders and thus more effective and efficient.” The worldwide conversion will take place in a cost-optimised and resource-saving manner over the next two to three years. In the first step, the company will convert its digital channels, communication campaigns and sponsorships. In the further course, adjustments will be made in the physical world, for example on buildings and in the shops.

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