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Volta Trucks, a recently established manufacturer of fully electric commercial vehicles and a services company with offices in the UK and Sweden, has debuted the Volta Zero, its first model and also the first fully electric 16-tonne commercial lorry designed especially for urban parcel and freight distribution. The lorry is planned to enter production in 2022 and be trialled by a number of European parcel delivery and logistics companies over the coming year.

According to Rob Fowler, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks, the company is redefining the perception of large commercial vehicles in the zero-emission towns and cities of the future. This is made possible “by the three pillars that define both Volta Trucks as a business and the Volta Zero – safety, sustainability and electrification”. The manufacturer is using an innovative e-axle to drive the rear wheels. The electric motor, transmission and axle are contained in a compact unit that the company says is lighter and more efficient than conventional solutions and delivers an increased range.

This also creates space for the lithium iron phosphate battery, whose robust cell design, good thermal stability and long cycle life make it well suited to large commercial vehicle use. With 90% fewer mechanical parts than an equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle, Volta Trucks is targeting the same total cost of ownership and seeking to aid the migration towards electric vehicles. The removal of the internal combustion engine allows the driver to sit lower and in the middle of a spacious, glasshouse-style cab, helping reduce dangerous blind spots. The vehicle is planned to be manufactured in the UK by a contracted partner and is designed for a solely electric range of 150 to 200 km.

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