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International Children's Book Exhibition in Offenbach's Klingspor Museum
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The popular exhibition has a long tradition. And since colours play a major role for us humans, the motto of this year’s 67th International Children’s Book Exhibition at the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach is: extremely colourful. According to the announcement, “we associate colours with the objects in our lives, surround ourselves with the colours we like and associate feelings and moods with them. At the same time, colour perceptions are also very individual and can even differ culturally”. In this sense, the exhibition of current children’s books traces the colours and dares the experiment of simply sorting the books by colour to see “what it tells us”. The museum invites visitors to look, read and discover not only in the run-up to Christmas, but also until 26 February 2023. There is also an accompanying programme with guided tours, all kinds of courses on colours and offers for schools and daycare centres.

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