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frog design publishes its Trend Guide 2020

The 2020 trend guide from frog design is available for download – just in time for the new year. In this report the design company takes a look not only at the year immediately ahead of us, but also at the decade to come. Under the catchphrase Age of the Senses, it has identified six trends in which design must and will play a decisive role. Among other observations, it establishes a certain scepticism regarding technological utopias. The promise of a better life through technology no longer seems as credible as it once did. In 2020, “the currency of trust” will become more valuable than ever before. At the same time, technologies such as AI and VR, once considered science fiction, will become the norm. In the retail sector the report anticipates a new aesthetic future, based on brands, for a world increasingly characterised by digital and physical design. Much more attention will be given to healthcare systems, in the form of tools designed to change our behaviour and reduce costs. And our planet – and therefore our living environment – will be at the heart of a people-centred design approach that actually takes steps towards sustainability, laying the foundations for an economy based on preserving the planet. Last but not least, the world of work is to shed its traditional limitations. The nature of work will improve, with implications not only for those doing the work, but also for how it will be done and who it will be done for.

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