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The culture of living is constantly changing. Rooms are being opened up, the boundaries between living areas are disappearing more and more; the home has long since ceased to function solely as a living room and bedroom, but also temporarily as a workplace – and things are also changing in the bathroom, kitchen, on the patio and in the garden. The trends currently being propagated in the furniture industry are correspondingly diverse. Topics such as sustainability, recyclability and durability are increasingly influencing the choice of furniture, but also characterise its design.

Natural shades such as algae or earth colours are currently in vogue. Natural or nature-inspired materials and green plants, as well as soft, organic shapes, are intended to lend furnishings a refreshing naturalness. Since the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there has been repeated talk of the longing for retreat and security gaining in importance in times of uncertainty. The corresponding furnishing trend is said to be focussing on “sensually appealing fabrics, patterns and textures as well as materials such as wood, leather and natural stone, which are increasingly being used on furniture surfaces”. In turbulent times, the longing for domestic security is complemented by the idea that the current attitude to life is striving for simplicity, which is also reflected in the streamlining of furnishings. In this sense, new furniture is “increasingly focussing on the principle of omission”. Compact, graceful and minimalist chairs, tables and sofas find their place everywhere, save resources and also stand for timeless elegance.

These and other trends, current living worlds and innovations can be seen from 14 to 18 January at imm cologne 2024 in the halls of Messe Köln. Germany’s largest interior trade fair, where national and international exhibitors traditionally present themselves at the beginning of the new year, is thus returning to its firmly established date. Under the guiding theme of “Connecting Communities”, this year’s fair invites visitors to discover new collections and product innovations, exchange ideas and make and maintain contacts. Under the motto “The Circles”, trade fair visitors can expect a wide range of newly designed content and event platforms. At the 20th edition of the “Pure Talents Contest”, 893 designers from 76 countries competed for the coveted exhibition places. In line with the competition’s new concept, a five-member jury assessed the submitted “Objects” (products) and “Spaces” (spatial concepts) in the thematic areas of “Living and Dwelling in Cities with Little Space”, “Living and Dwelling in the Circular Society” and “Living and Dwelling as a Statement/Message/Concept”.

imm cologne – The interior business event
14 – 18 January
Köln Messe

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