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Innovative machines and smart technology hold huge potential to further develop the way we live and work. Smart solutions and robotics projects open up entirely new possibilities for industry, business and health: “Smart 5.0: Connectivity, Robotics & AI” and “Medical & Health”

Technology for the World of Tomorrow: „Smart 5.0: Connectivity, Robotics & AI“

TALI_Stephane Leroy_BIPLAN-2851
TALI CONNECTED unterstützt und schützt Motorradfahrerinnen und fahrer. © iT-C Helmet

New demands on technical solutions that should not only be efficient and powerful, but also ecologically sustainable and comfortable to use, are changing the way we think about machines and IT technology. And humans and machines will continue to work more closely together in the future. Smart technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence hold an almost unimaginable potential for new solutions. Even today, technical solutions are being developed that set new standards in the design and innovation of networked technology, versatile robots and ‘intelligent’ algorithms.

TALI CONNECTED is a smart motorbike helmet whose features provide better visibility, improved awareness and seamless connectivity. The lighting system integrated into the helmet synchronises with the motorbike’s brake and indicator signals, and the glare shield flexibly adapts to lighting situations. Voice commands can be used to access music, calls and smart assistants. Via Bluetooth, the helmet connects to the corresponding smartphone app, tracks shareable ride data and offers safety through I-Emergency: in the event of an accident, the helmet contacts the wearer’s family and friends. With its intuitive and integrated technology, TALI CONNECTED contributes to the safety of motorcyclists and road users.

LUKE 2 , the mobile picking robot with automatic gripper change, is a unique innovation that stands out due to its demand-oriented, flexible and retrofittable application. With the help of AI-supported image processing, LUKE 2 recognises the items in the source container and picks them up with the appropriate gripper in order to place them into one or more target containers. The robot can be used in addition to, alternately with or as an alternative to human employees to perform different tasks. It comes fully equipped and works around the clock at constant performance: only the docking station and a central connection need to be installed.

The innovative app for live video productions TUBICON is aimed at content producers. It makes it easy to produce professional live videos with smartphones and stream them in real time and HD on all social media channels without additional equipment or investment costs. The cloud-based app thus offers creative professionals from all industries a convenient tool to expand their target audience and markets with news, sports and e-commerce via smartphone technology.

LUKE 2 is demand-oriented and flexible to use. © IGZ Engineering Company for Logistical Information Systems mbH
Tubicon Key Visual
TUBICON is an innovative app for live video productions. © STRYME GmbH

Here you will find an overview of the outstanding projects in the category “Smart 5.0: Connectivity, Robotics & AI”:

eBottle by Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o.. © Steklarna Hrastnik d.o.o
LUKE 2 by IGZ. © IGZ Ingenieurgesellschaft für logistische Informationssysteme mbH
rooomEXPO-X by rooom AG. ©rooom AG
Tubicon Sport Interface
har-modular® by HARTING Electronics GmbH. © HARTING Electronics GmbH

Innovation in practice: “Medical & Health

RoboticScope enables a whole new visualisation of microsurgical procedures. © BHS Technologies

In the field of medicine and healthcare, too, developments in AI and robotics technology are enabling ground-breaking new solutions. The healthcare industry benefits from smart tools and innovations that can save lives, but also make processes and workflows in the healthcare sector safer and more efficient. Technologies that impress with a well thought-out design, convenient use and intelligent technology are clearly the trend here.

RoboticScope® is the debut medical product from BHS Technologies. The innovative technology opens up a completely new way of visualising microsurgical procedures: RoboticScope® is based entirely on digital, software-controlled technology. The HMD (Head-Mounted Display) worn on the head controls a robot-guided camera head. Unlike conventional surgical microscopes, RoboticScope® allows surgeons to keep their most important tools – their hands and eyes – on the surgical field. At the same time, the wearer of the headset can maintain a correct ergonomic posture throughout the operation.

The maremed® marine climate device simulates the biodynamics of the seashore, thereby creating a nature-identical climate within one’s own four walls: to this end, the device is equipped with modern filter technology and enriches the air with a special sea salt consisting of more than 65 trace elements. Maremed® simultaneously purifies, mineralises, disinfects, ionises and humidifies the air, creating optimal air quality that improves breathing intensity, well-being and sleep. As a result, it also helps with respiratory diseases. A pre-filter removes coarse dirt particles such as pollen, house dust and animal hair. The integrated UVC lamp also eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms.

maremed® MK 500 filters the air with innovative technology and creates a seaside climate in your own home.
Mona is an intelligent assistance system for intensive care units that relieves doctors of information processing.

Mona is the first intelligent assistance system for intensive care units that provides support directly at the patient’s bedside. Its innovative design combines state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence to enable unhindered focus on the best therapy for critically ill patients. The focus is on less rather than more data. With its natural language processing, Mona reduces the administrative burden and helps keep track of thousands of pieces of data per patient every hour. Mona enables practitioners to provide secure tele-intensive care at the bedside, bringing the necessary expertise to each patient’s bedside.

A whole range of innovations inspires in the “Medical & Health” area. These are the highlights of this category:

RoboticScope © BHS Technologies
RoboticScope® by BHS Technologies GmbH. ©BHS Technologies GmbH
MagPip © Hamilton Bonaduz AG
MagPip by der Hamilton Bonaduz AG. © Hamilton Bonaduz AG
PassportCard by PassportCard Deutschland GmbH. © PassportCard Deutschland GmbH
maremed® © Beurer GmbH
maremed® MK 500 by Beurer GmbH. © Beurer GmbH
Mona © ClinomicGmbH
Mona by Clinomic GmbH. © Clinomic GmbH

Insights Into Innovation

In the second article of our three-part series, we present the gold winners of the German Innovation Award 2021 from the fields of “Smart 5.0: Connectivity, Robotics & AI” and “Medical & Health”.

“Insights into Innovation”, the online programme of the German Innovation Award, opens up seven different subject areas into this year’s winning innovations: “Smart 5.0: Connectivity, Robotics & AI”, “Future of Mobility”, “Green Future”, “Material Innovation”, “Future Living & Working”, “Lighting” and “Medical & Health”.

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