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Homage to the Silver Arrow record car of 1937: the Vision EQ Silver Arrow painted in Alubeam Silver, © Mercedes-Benz AG.

The automotive sector is undergoing disruption and facing extensive transformation processes. However, it is not only the engines that are changing. The question is what forms of transport and how much transport will remain possible in the future, and what mix will that entail? A special exhibition called “Future Mobility” has been on display at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart’s Bad Cannstatt district since 1 June. Until March 2022, situated in the Future Lounge on level 0 of the museum, it will present Mercedes-Benz’ visions of transport technologies and services and concrete solutions for them. The show is divided into four themed areas that aim to cast a light on important questions and developments for the transport of the future: “excite” showcases “the car’s potential as a partner for drivers and passengers within an analogue and digital daily routine”; “intuitive” demonstrates “how innovative vehicles and mobility services link up to form new transport systems”; “energise” illustrates “how the car will increasingly evolve into a ‘third place’ to retreat to and relax in, in addition to our homes and workplaces”; and, lastly, “responsible” demonstrates “that the future of mobility can be sustainable, visionary and luxurious, all at the same time”.

This look at the future presents current Mercedes-Benz technology already in mass production, along with drafts and concepts for transport in the years to come based on objects such as a cutaway model of the fully electric EQC 400 4MATIC or the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) multimedia system. The NTG-6 variant of the latter is available to try out. The Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC is a study of an autonomous electric car that is digitally connected as it drives through the city. A study originally presented in 2018, it is displayed alongside the Vision EQ Silver Arrow, a homage to the record-winning Mercedes-Benz W 125 “Silver Arrow” racer from 1937. The fully electric VoloCity air taxi, a roadworthy e-scooter and micro mobility solutions complete the Mercedes-Benz transport mix, underscoring its role as a mobility service provider.

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