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Licht im Produkt: Funktion – Ästhetik – Emotion

The development of complex and multifunctional products presents designers with a wide range of challenges. Light can help to find good solutions here. Light provides orientation, creates atmosphere, offers comfort and sets accents. It facilitates intuitive operation, enables communication and shapes identity. Light creates functional added value and gives a product an emotional dimension. What is remarkable here is the combination of more practical utility aspects with the aspect of emotion and the special aesthetics that light lends to a product.

Inspiring examples of this can be found in the interior lighting of modern cars such as the Q2 from Audi. Here, functional aspects such as good orientation are combined with aspects such as ambience, well-being and value, or the desire for individual lighting that can be adjusted to the preferences of each driver. More examples of the innovative use of light in product design and much more information on this topic can be found at MENTOR.

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