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NASA logo: the worm is back

When the Apollo 11 lunar module successfully achieved the first manned landing on the earth’s moon in 1969, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, became the ultimate symbol of the United States’ leading technological prowess in the world. Findings that were subsequently disseminated from NASA were considered exceptionally sound and always received a positive response. The logo of the US federal agency also came to be the widely recognised insignia of a powerful and internationally renowned brand. Over the following decades, however, NASA had to endure a number of setbacks and lost a measure of the trust it had gained. Its famous logo was also modified. In early April, NASA announced that the so-called “worm” would be returning. The distinctive string of letters designed by Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn in 1975 is intended to represent a new era of human space flight. On its web page entitled The Worm Is Back, NASA provides information about its various logos, including the original one from the 1976 “Graphic Standards Manual”, which is now suddenly being catapulted to the present day.

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