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Polestar, Konstantin Grcic and other partners have developed an electric cargo vehicle.
Re:Move prototype at the IAA 2021. © Polestar 2021 All rights reserved

“To remove something” simply means to transport things, to bring them or take them away. Re:Move is also the name of a sustainable multifunctional concept of an electric transporter for last-mile delivery. The concept is the result of a collaboration between designer Konstantin Grcic, electric car manufacturer Polestar, aluminium producer Hydro and electric motorbike pioneer Cake. The cargo vehicle is about the size of a cargo bike, but does not need pedal assistance. The project sees itself as a quick response to the increasing demand for online shopping and home deliveries and the need to find more sustainable mobility solutions.

The first working prototype of Re:Move was recently presented at the IAA in Munich. The project had initially been created as part of the Re:Made series of Wallpaper* magazine, for which Konstantin Grcic had been engaged. But the design study did not mean the end of the project, rather, it became a new beginning, inspired by the shared beliefs of a larger group of designers, mobility and sustainability experts from Polestar, Cake and Hydro. “Good design is inherently sustainable design. Everyone involved in this project shares the belief that purity can be a driver for sustainability.” says Konstantin Grcic, “Over the course of the last year, we, engineers and designers, have worked together to create a versatile solution that has never lost sight of its purpose. In the end, the design has been all the better for it.”

The multifunctional electric transporter is only 750 millimetres wide, making it perfect for bike paths. It can transport loads of up to 180 kg. The low-carbon aluminium chassis has an electric tilt mechanism that allows the vehicle to tilt when cornering. This improves stability and manoeuvrability and reduces the turning circle to less than seven metres. Disc brakes ensure safety, and a damped rear swingarm increases ride comfort and reduces fatigue. The always-on lights improve the driver’s forward vision, while brake lights, optional turn signals and a horn help to make the vehicle highly visible to pedestrians and road users. With a top speed of 25 km/h and a 2.2 kWh battery as standard, the Re:Move is also suitable as a replacement for delivery vans to improve traffic flow in the city or for transporting goods in rural areas without developed infrastructure.

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