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What is the role of design in digital transformation? How is digitalisation changing the design of installation equipment, and how is this feeding back into the business model? And what are the advantages when designers and engineers work together?  

In this episode, journalist and TV presenter Jörg Thadeusz asks industrial designer Moritz Rose about the successful transformation of the Viessmann Group from heating equipment suppliers into a smart technology company. Among other things, they discuss aesthetics as a functional aspect, the demands associated with designing technical products and forward-looking topics such as the issue of customers interacting with objects. 

Moritz Rose, formerly VP of Design at Viessmann, talks about the fundamental role of design in the transformation process, and how it is integrated in the overall value chain.

Please note: this podcast is in German.

In the ndion podcast, the German Design Council invites interesting people from various industries and talks to with them about design, brand and innovation. They will be asked about the current challenges in transformation, megatrends and micro-tools, lessons learned and the most important dos and don’ts.

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