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The World Design Organization (WDO) has a task of supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals using the opportunities provided by design. An international non-governmental organisation based in Montreal, the WDO has hosted World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) on the 29th of June each year since 2007. This global day of action aims to raise awareness of the power of design, strengthen economic, social, cultural and environmental development and highlight design’s contribution to sustainable transformation. WDO is exploring the theme of diversity for WIDD 2021. Designers are encouraged to turn a critical eye towards their designs and reflect on the steps they can take to challenge the status quo and contribute to a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable industry. For this reason, WDO is adopting the motto of “Diversity in Design” and discussing a wide range of topics throughout June. The month will conclude on 29 June with a 24-hour live-streamed event emblazoned with the motto “Let’s Talk Diversity”. There will be a series of moderated sessions featuring conversations with designers around the world to shed light on personal and professional experiences and explore diversity in various countries, disciplines and cultures.

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