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Garmi © Kurt Bauer, TU München

When the topics of digitisation and digital transformation come up, the focus quickly falls on artificial intelligence and robotics. Both present major challenges for society, the working world and everyday life and both are bundled up with hopes as well as fears. The various fields of design are also seeing a multitude of new tasks in product and process design in these areas. Sami Haddadin, a leading researcher and innovator in the field of robotics and AI, has designed an exhibition for Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum entitled “AI. Robotics. Design.”, which will run from 16 July to 18 September 2022. Four chapters will illustrate and bring to life the past, present and future of robotics and AI.

Chapter I looks at the history of AI from its origins as an idea, to Leibniz’s calculating machine and onward to intelligent robots and algorithms today. Chapter II presents a dystopian vision of the future of AI applications and depicts how AI develops if it is seen as purely a data-hungry, omniscient and analytical digital technology. By contrast, Chapter III shows the link between humans and machines, culminating in symbiosis. Finally, Chapter IV will feature a machine in which interconnected robots controlled by people create a seemingly endless document. The robots will be given their instructions by visitors, either in the physical space or remotely via an app. This will produce a physical representation as an example of the mental state of a society by means of AI. Sami Haddadin says: “Intelligent robots are assistants to human beings and it will stay that way for a long time. Anything else is science fiction, albeit, an inspiring and fascinating one.”

The exhibition will be accompanied by a varied supporting programme, with workshops for various age groups and presentations. A catalogue will be produced during the course of the exhibition and will also document how the human machine develops during the show.

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