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Digital (design) education at the MAK in Vienna. App and series of talks

The Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna is expanding its digital communication offerings with the MAK LAB APP. This enhances user experience of the remodelled MAK DESIGN LAB from 2019 by presenting, in a playful and attractive manner, issues that are crucial for shaping the future in this era of digitalisation and climate change. Through five clearly structured menu areas, the app – which is specially designed for schoolchildren from the age of 12, teachers and educators – allows users to explore the MAK DESIGN LAB on their own. Users can access individual objects and link them to additional images, information and external links. The project, which was created in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, is complemented by the discussion series: “Educating Change”, which addresses questions such as: “What must digital education achieve today?” or “What must education achieve in the age of climate change?”

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