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The exhibition "Heading Outdoors" at the Neue Sammlung in Munich is dedicated to design for life outside.
Urban mobility: Christoph Fraundorfer / Heinz Mayrhofer, Bike Tour, 2017, My Esel GmbH (Austria)

Out at last! The more densely populated we become and the longer we have to spend indoors, the greater the desire to escape outside. With the exhibition “Heading Outdoors”, the Neue Sammlung, the design museum in Munich’s Pinakothek der Moderne, looks at a fundamental human longing: the urge to go outside. Regardless of whether it’s to the park, the garden at home or the forest – alone or in company – the need to spend free time outdoors seems greater today than ever before.

It is obvious that the urge to go outdoors, be it centuries-old or current, leads to things being designed especially for it. For example, camping accessories from the former GDR are on display, as are 3D-printed garden chairs made of recycled plastic and park furniture that supports social distancing. Seven thematic complexes divide the exhibition and refer to different collection areas of the museum: “Outside = Inside”, “Sitting Outdoors”, “Camping in the GDR”, “Urban Mobility”, “Park and Pandemic”, “Sport in Nature” and “Föhnhimmel”. A footbridge, which like the entire exhibition architecture is made of recycled and reusable material, leads through the space and enables perspectives on the different themes and times.

According to the museum, the exhibition curated by Polina Gedova and Christopher Haaf invites us to consider the ever-changing relationship between man and nature, private and public space, indoors and outdoors, but also our responsibility towards the urge to go outdoors. “Heading Outdoors” can be seen in the Neue Sammlung from 29 October. The design of the exhibition, which is accompanied by an object booklet in German, English and easy-to-read language, was developed in cooperation with the designer Hannes Gumpp. An extensive accompanying programme – also outdoors – is planned as well as a digital tour. In addition, a free preview of the film “Monobloc” will take place on 30 October at 3 p.m. in cooperation with DOK.fest München.

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