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Leading manufacturers of consumer goods and foods have joined forces to improve recycling of their packaging through common rules. Thirty-six members of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) have committed to tackling the problem of plastic pollution in a new coalition of action led by CEOs. By developing the first two Golden Design Rules, companies with a collective annual revenue of more than EUR 1 trillion aim to reduce plastic use and improve recyclability by phasing out problematic materials, colours and labels from their packaging. The actions focus on changing the packaging design and developing a framework for optimal Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programmes.

The CGF’s Plastic Waste Coalition of Action initiative builds on the Forum’s 2018 endorsement of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. The coalition has four main priorities: (1) Adopting plastic packaging design guidelines to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging, and increase its value, quality and recyclability. (2) Aligning on a framework for EPR programmes to support the improvement and development of waste management systems worldwide. (3) Supporting recycling innovations. (4) Piloting new programmes in advanced and transitional markets to increase recycling rates. The first two of a series of Golden Design Rules have also been finalised. These first two rules focus on increasing the value of PET bottle recycling and removing problematic elements from packaging to increase recycling rates.

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