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People in design – Anniversary: 60 years of Mono

We admit, Mono is not a person. But the 60-year history of this iconic brand is a story, first and foremost, about people. The company’s dynamic history in the flatware industry – full of foundations, mergers and closures – began in 1895 when Wilhelm Seibel opened a metal goods factory in Mettmann, Germany. In the 1950s, a period in which Germany was rediscovering design, so to speak, one of the company’s designers, Peter Raacke, received an order to design a new flatware set. The now legendary set, »Mono A«, was introduced in 1959, and has become a classic piece of German design history. The flatware’s elongated lines and precise, almost square edges, combined with its modest, comparatively plain overall appearance, made Mono A a true design revolution for the dining table of its time. But despite its simple look, the set enjoyed international success and is still manufactured to this day. And against all odds, Mono, a family-owned business now into the fifth generation under the leadership of Wilhelm Seibel, has remained true to its design standards and continues to develop its product range. The take-home message is clear: long-term success in design requires both people and quality products.

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