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With the pandemic, we have set new priorities for our life and living. The interior design is also characterised by a reduction to the essentials.

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The pandemic situation has dominated the headlines for two years and is causing far-reaching changes in everyday life. More workloads and the increased stress factor in work and family organisation go hand in hand with the loss of opportunities for relaxation, sport and leisure, not to mention exotic long-distance travel or exuberant partying. Many of our priorities have shifted. This also changes the design of the objects we surround ourselves with: instead of popping colours, a playful appearance, lavish materials or tropical plant motifs, designers are opting for cool, muted shades, a clear language of form and a reduction to the essentials. The new simplicity works with an emphasis on filigree constructive structures and honest, discreetly designed material surfaces. Instead of exuberant gestures, a sense of understatement is the order of the day; instead of postmodern »Anything Goes«, there is a return to the creative values of classic modernist design: a back to Bauhaus.

For the Reflect kitchen, French architect Jean Nouvel chose fronts in monochrome, reflective steel for Reform, which develop an industrial charm because of their vertical grooves. Light and surroundings are reflected on the matt surfaces, which thus withdraw themselves. The kitchen design, available in black or untreated metal, stands for a simple, timeless extravagance with a delicate touch of Art Deco.

The BU Series by Foshan Blue Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a range of bathroom objects that includes a constructive frame for a glass shower enclosure as well as handles and brackets. The emphasis on balanced proportions and the stringent design with a minimalist gesture unfolds an almost ephemeral presence in the bathroom. BU stands for precision and quality on both a visual and haptic level, while always keeping the human scale in the foreground.

REFLEX² Floor by serien Raumleuchten is inspired by a classic from their lighting range, yet reduced to the essentials. The floor lamp is formed by a filigree frame structure that creates intense moods in the room. The LED boards do not need a reflector and illuminate the room indirectly via the ceiling.

Eclipse Leuchtobjekt von Ehsan Aghdami
Eclipse Leuchtobjekt. © Ehsan Aghdami

Khayyám Eclipse by young designer Ehsan Aghdami is no less minimalist. The spherical luminous body is asymmetrically suspended from the narrow wooden back. In the rear view, the luminaire appears like the aurora of a solar eclipse. It is available in eight versions inspired by the planets of our solar system.

The new LINIjA table and floor lamp by Baltensweiler is made of a simple vertical rod to which two adjustable rods are attached. The light can thus be directed as required. The construction is highly filigree and stands for classic understatement.

The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior distinguish highlights of interior design and make industry trends visible. In 2022, some outstanding examples of smart technology were awarded:

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